Rare Vinyls from my collection - the Dennis Coffey and Mike Theodore gems!

MUTZIE -  Light Of Your Shadow (USA / Sussex/ 1970)
E."Mutzie" Levenburg - guitar, vocals
Marc White - drums
Barry Levenburg - bass
Andee Levenburg - organ
Produced by Mike Theodore and Dennis Coffey    Recorded at Tera-Shirma Studio, Detroit
Songs by E.Llavenburg, Gary W. Harvey

Psychedelic mix of blues-hard rock with funk and jazz elements! Complex song structures, even the 
straight forward "Cocain" blues (not the Clapton song) isn't just a simple blues song!
Hard to find on this planet earth!

Rare Earth - Dreams/Answer  (Verve V6-5066 - 1968)          Rare Earth -Two Worlds (german edition) Metro 2356-050  ***ULTRA RARE!!!!!!!!!
Gil Bridges - flute, sax, vocals
Kenny James - organ, piano
Rod Richards - guitar, vocals
Pete Rivera - drums, vocals
John Persh - bass, trombone, vocals

Produced by Mike Theodore and Dennis Coffey    Recorded at Tera-Shirma Studio, Detroit
Songs by Rare Earth and  Gary W. Harvey

A record from their pre-Motown aera. white rock and soul, with a slide psychedelic touch. Contains the original recording of their
first hit "Get ready" (not the 21 minute version)
This recording led to their Motown contract with their own Rare Earth-Label and started their world career. 

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Dennis Coffey - Evolution (Sussex SXBS 7004 - 1971)
Bob Babbit - bass
Joe Podorsek - baritone guitar
 Ray Monette - tenor guitar
Dennis Coffey - alto guitar
Jack Ashford - Percussion
Andrew Smith: Drums
Recorded at Tera-Shirma Studio, Detroit

Groundbreaking fusion of funk, rock and soul instrumentals with, back then, totally new style of using and playing with guitar effects.
Sensational drum beats and Bob Babbits breathtaking bass solo on "Scorpio".
Contains the smash hit "Scorpio" sampled by the Beastie Boys, Public Enemy and more!

This one has to be in every serious vinyl collection (be happy if you can grab one)!

Rodriguez - Cold Fact (Sussex SXBS 7000 - 1970)
Rodriguez: Vocals, acoustic guitar
Dennis Coffey: Guitars
Mike Theodore: Keyboards
Andrew Smith: Drums
Bob Babbitt: Bass
Brass and string arrangements: Mike Theodore
Songs by Sixto Rodriguez, Gary W. Harvey, Dennis Coffey and Mike Theodore

Psychiadelic folk rock, dealing with the life on the street, drugs and broken love! Fine balanced between campfire styled folk songs and gritty blues tunes!
Rodriguez still has a strong following in South Africa and performs there on occasion!

Jonathon Round (Westbound 2009 - 1971) 
Dennis Coffey: Guitars, Producer
Bob Babbitt: Bass
Sam Fozzini: Drums
Jack Ashford: Percussions
John Griffith: Keyboards
Mike Theodore: Producer, Synthesizers, Guitar, String and Brass  arrangements, cover design
Recorded at Tera-Shirma Studio, Detroit

The one and only recording of this heavy, manic, intensive, strongvoiced singer from Detroit. Not much more can be found about him!
Well crafted psychiadelic folk- and blues rock produced by Dennis Coffey and Mike Theodore.
The album includes a very unusual scary cover of the Rolling Stones classic "Sympathy for the devil" which goes slow and creepy, ending in fiercy laughter, that catches
the motive of the song better then the original and a mad rendition of the Bee Gees classic "To love somebody" which makes you wish he doesn't love you.
Jonathon Round sounds emphatic and obsessive, a little bit like Meat Loaf on speed, but without his operalike behavior.
Contains mostly of acoustic guitars, strings and horns and a strong backing from Bob Babbitt and Dennis Coffey.
Unbelievable that he couldn't do more than that one off.

Paul Parrish - Forest of my mind (Music Factory 12001 - 1968)
Flute and string arrangements by Mike Theodore and Dennis Coffey
Recorded at Tera-Shirma Studio, Detroit

Bright and good natured folk pop, with a psychiadelic influence. You feel yourself captured by the sweet and clear vocals, catching lyrics and nifty flute and string arrangements.
Like you crossed the path of the Pied Piper, you're humming and whisteling and following the music, while the songs unfold in your mind like you're entering a warm, sunshine dipped valley
coming over a cold and windy pass.
It's kind of a One-man-Stgt.-Pepper album. Tracks with full and unusual orchestration alternate with spare and plain folk songs.
Contains a chanty "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away" Beatley-cover and a very sweet rendition of the Holland-Dozier-Holland classic "I can't help myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)".
Altogether a very astonishing, interesting and satisfying musical journey!

AMISH    (Sussex SXBS 7016 - 1972)
Produced by Mike Theodore and Dennis Coffey

Guitar and Hammond-B3-Organ driven heavy, straight to the point, psych rock.

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Hair and Thangs (Maverick  1970)              Going for myself (Sussex 7010 - 1972)      Electric Coffey (Sussex 7021 - 1972)         Instant Coffey (Sussex 8031 - 1974)

Back Home (Westbound 300 - 1976)         Fingerlickin' good (Westbound 212            Sweet Taste of sin (Westbound 6105         Motor City Magic (TSR 1222 - 1986)        
                                                                                                      - 1976)                                                       - 1978)                                                         

Under the moonlight (Orpheus D2-75617-1989)

Mike Theodore releases from my collection:

Cosmic Wind (Westbound 305 - 1977)       High On Mad Mountain (Westbound 6109 - 1979)

more Dennis Coffey and Mike Theodore (TheoCoff) Production releases:

Gallery - Nice to be with you                     Gallery feat. Jim Gold
(Sussex 7017 - 1972)                               (Sussex 7026 - 1973) (bad pic due to sleeve wear)

from Disco era:

CJ&Co - Deadeye Dick                            CJ&Co - Devils Gun                                  Tempest Trio                                            Fantastic Four - Got to have your love
(Westbound 6104 - 1978)                         (Westbound 6100 - 1978)                          (Marlin MAR-2232 - 1979)                         (Westbound 50 415 - 1977)

Fantastic Four - Bring your own funk (still got to find this one for my collection)
(Westbound 6108 - 1978)

and some more Dennis Coffey and Mike Theodore (TheoCoff) Production releases from Mike Theodore's collection 
(Many thanks to Mike Theodore for providing me these pictures!):

Jim Gold - I can't face another day            Jim Gold - Hometown Hero                       Detroit Emeralds - Let's get together         King Errisson - L.A. Bound                    King Errisson - The Magic Man
(Tabu 2308 - 1977)                                   (Tabu 35520 - 1978)                                 (Atlantic 50542  - 1978)                           (Westbound 307 - 1977)                       (Westbound 224 - 1976)

Lonette - Mind Intruder                              Lonette                                                   Spyder Turner - Stand by me
(Dearborn - 1967)                                      (Sussex - 1974)                                       (MGM SE-4450  - 1967)

other interesting and rare releases from Detroit musicians:

Scorpion  (Tower Records ST-5171 - 1969) 
Bob Babbitt: Bass
Mike Cambell: Vocals
Ray Monette: Guitars
Andrew Smith: Drums 
Recorded at Tera-Shirma Studio, Detroit

Psychiadelic soul and funk rock, also exploring the blues and progressive rock fields . 
Vocalist Mike Campbell (aka Michael Champion of "Total Recall" and "Beverly Hills Cop" fame) proofed that he was a talented and enthusiastic
shouter. The musicians are, of course, a strong outfit. Bob Babbitt worked as a Funk Brother for the famous Motown Studio and backed tons of hits with his sure shot bass lines.
Ray Monette is a member of Rare Earth and the Funk Brothers and shows all his skills from Funk to Blues with heavy wahwah lines on this recording!