Since beginning of 2003 I'm working on restaurations and maintenance of different racecars from the Carl-Benz-Museum, Ladenburg - Germany.

These cars are usually started at hillclimb- and circuitevents as the Langenburg Classic Hillclimb,  the Historic Hillclimb in Tübingen or the Hockenheim Classic Racing days.
After filling the position as a race mechanic, I got the opportunity to be the co-driver of my friend Peter with his De Dion - Bouton Grand Prix car from
1908 at several races (Nuerburgring, Langenburg....)

Langenburg Historic April 2009 on Porsche 356 1500 Super


Langenburg Historic April 2008

My start on the Retromotor Tuebingen Hillclimb with our Museum-owned Porsche 356 Gran Tourismo was cut short from a oil leak just minutes
before race start.

First racing experience 
Hockenheim Ring October 2004 on Porsche 924



Racing on the legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife at the Oldtimer Festival 2006

De Dion Bouton GP 1908    4,5 Litre    50HP
Driver/Owner: Peter Trunk

Brixner-NSU Group C3 sportscar 1973
 1300ccm, 4 cyl. aircooled, approx 110 HP     pits at Langenburg Hillclimb event 2003            Picture from racing corner at Carl-Benz-Museum
 hillclimb specification                                         left: Mercedes-Benz 190 SLR                             foreground: Brixner-NSU Prototyp without engine, not drivable
                                                                                      from Carl-Benz-Museum                               backround: Brixner-NSU Group C3 sportscar

This car is running very well and just needs the usual maintenance. It raced on different occassions in 2003.

Brixner-NSU sportscar 1971
1100 ccm, 4cyl. aircooled, approx 70 HP

This car raced in the european hillclimb championship 1971 by Kurt Brixner
This will be the restoration project for summer 2004. Needs new wirering, brakes, security equipment...

Van Diemen RF83 Formula Ford 1600
1600 ccm, 4 cyl. Ford engine, approx 105 HP

First start  at Langenburg Classic Hillclimb Event April 2004

Ayrton Senna started his career  racing in a Van Diemen RF83