The new bird in the nest:        Citroen Dyane 6

During  a jokey smalltalk at a Citroen dealership in Mannheim, this rare Citroen Dyane 6 was offerd to me and
after a test drive and one night of reconsideration I brought this rare bird in the nest, to accompany my Fiberfab Sherpa
and my italien diva, Alfa Romeo 164 V6.

The Dyane had been driven for thirty years in Strassburg, France from the first owner and was brought to Germany in 2004.
It received some minor weldings and maintainance from a Citroen specialist  and a new folding roof on top.
The car  passed the german regristration check in Speptember 2004.

Car details

year of manufacture:    1973
engine cappacity:         597ccm
power:                            24kw/32PS

French "Luxe"  configuration, which is in fact the poorest you could get!
Front bench, upholstery synthetic leather. But superior suspension (compared with Citroen 2CV "Duck").